Slow Cooker Cranberry Orange Pork Loin


1 (3-4 pound) Center Cut Pork Loin
¼ c Brown Sugar
1 t Garlic Powder
1 t Rosemary, dried
½ t Salt
½ t Pepper
10 Slices Bacon, Uncooked
¼ c Whole Cranberry Sauce
1 T Dijon Mustard
2 T Orange Juice
1 t Orange Zest


  1. Combine brown sugar, garlic powder, rosemary, salt and pepper.
  2. Season pork loin with brown sugar mixture on all sides.
  3. Wrap bacon around pork loin and place in slow cooker.
  4. Mix together cranberry sauce, dijon mustard, orange juice and orange zest. Pour over pork loin.
  5. Cover and cook on LOW 2-1/2 to 3 hours, until internal temperature is 145ºF.
  6. Remove pork from slow cooker and place on an oven safe baking sheet. Place  under oven broiler for 2 to 3 minutes to crisp up bacon.

Chef Jocelyn Notes:

 When purchasing your Pork Loin, make sure you getting the Center Cut Pork Loin, this is different than the Pork Tenderloin. Depending on where you are purchasing your meat you have a choice whether to do a Bone/Boneless pork loin, the choice is yours.

 When you start the seasoning process, you can adjust the salt and pepper as you would like, I just use the ½ t as a starting point  Also make sure that you checking the internal temp of your meat, safety range is 145 degree.